About KHilmer

The creation of KDG was due to a love of design…

Khilmer Design Group is heavily steeped in general design. We have been designing and publishing, both traditional and electronic materials, for over 30+ years.

Since publishing also includes a computer-based component (and we sort of like computers too), this led us to stepping into the realm of CNC. This happened around mid-2020 and we have been working on getting up-to-speed (with the introductory Maslow CNC machine) to be able to create viable products to the folks of Northwest Indiana.

We are learning, so we embrace the philosophy of “wabi-sabi.” The fact is, that currently, our product will not be perfect, even though CNC sort of intimates that it will be “perfect.” So until our experience increases, we like to think that this integrating of subtle flaws within the end-product are completely meant to be there.

Our goal is to continue the gathering of information and experience with CNC, then to potentially upgrade to different machines, and continue supplying unique, interesting, and high-quality products to local Northwest Indiana individuals or companies.

And remember…

Design isn’t just for Designs Sake.