Explorations, for us, will be a very fluid endeavor and will most likely change on a consistent basis.

The current possible explorations are:

  • CNC – Signage
    • Currently working with small to medium sized wood signs of simple to moderate complexity
    • Working area will be 7′ x 3′ (live area)
    • Working material will be wood for now, but should be able to do plexiglass and aluminum in the future
    • Material thicknesses from 5/16″ to 3/4″ (1/2″ sanded birch is the go to currently)
  • CNC – Furniture Design/Build
    • This is a work in progress and future projects will be placed as explored
  • T-shirt Designs
    • Ok, this one is just for “design’s sake,” but everyone needs to have a bit of fun sometimes. These are mostly stream-of-consciousness, but some do make a statement. If you want to see what’s there, go to Alternative Symbols at cafepress.com.

If you are interested in contacting us about a CNC project or a custom t-shirt design, reach out with the basic information and we will get in touch with you.