House Number Placard

204 Number Plaque

House Number Placard

Trying to find something that is unique and saleable, is a tough thing. There are a lot of folks doing CNC, but a lot of it is the same thing over and over. These items are usually pretty affordable. The “unique” part is what is tough, but finding a philosophy that drives it is even tougher…along with the repeated, usual things…there are also a multitude of really, really, really (you get the general idea), cool, exciting things as well. The scope of what these CNC machines are capable of is daunting to say the least.

Large “Welcome” signs are very popular, but there really doesn’t seem to be anyway to compete with these with the prices that folks are charging. So after creating a large, standard sign, we decided to look into smaller items that may be a bit less “mass-produced” and look at these in terms of them being a bit more “designed.”

One of these was a basic number placard. This is a very simple CNC project (perfect for us) and lent itself to continued exploration in another expanded project.

The previous work done on the Maslow has given up a bit of valuable knowledge…you don’t need to cut an 1/8″ deep to get what is needed all the time. Cut depth needs to optimized (especially with the speed of the Maslow) so that it doesn’t take 8 hours to cut a simple sign.

This project was done with an 1/8″ double flute straight cut, mill-end bit and a 60º engraving bit.

Most of the problems with the z-axis had been addressed with previous modifications and the chain problems had been addressed as well.

Both the 1/8″ bit and engraving bit depths were pretty consistent.

Sign specs:

Sign is:

  • Dimensions: 16″ x 6″
  • Mission-style engraving
  • Six color: white, black, red, orange, blue, and green (hand painted)
  • Finish is spray gloss enamel clear
  • Backside is finished with an exterior latex of one coat…being tested outside currently