House Number Plaque/Welcome Circle w/ Variable Inserts

House Number Plaque/Welcome Circle w/ Variable Inserts

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This is an expanded exploration of the simple house number placard.

It combines three ideas: the house number placard, a smaller “modified” welcome sign, and an interchangeable “medallion.” The welcome and medallion are completely designable.

This piece is comprised of the main number placard, the hanging welcome circle, and an interchangeable central medallion.

The central medallion is currently comprised of two different sets of four season medallions and five “household mood” medallions.

This is fully interchangeable and if you would like something else in replacement/addition for the medallions (the seasonal medallions are standard at this point) or an additional replacement for the “Welcome” hangar, we can design this too. The welcome hangar can be replaced with family name, etc.

Sign specs:

Sign is:

  • Comprised of three main sections:
    • Number board (simple, mission style engraving on left and right)
    • Hanging Welcome board (different or additional circles can be created)
    • Interchangeable medallion (seasonal medallions come standard along with the “household mood” medallions…we can also create unique medallions for pets, etc.
  • Dimensions: 16″ x 7″ (number board), 12.5+” (welcome circle), 4.75+” (medallion circle), and overall dimensions are 16″ x 18.75″+
  • 1/2″ sanded birch plywood
  • Color: multiple depending on what is requested (number board will be based loosely on the simple house number board, the seasonal medallions, and any additional medallions requested)
  • Finish will be spray gloss enamel
  • Backside will be finished with an exterior latex of one coat…sealed for outdoor use