Senex Studio Box Sign

Senex Studio, Box Sign with LED Lights

Senex Studio Box Sign

We thought it was about time to do something constructed as well as cut…this project is based on a traditional “shingle” sign and is meant to be presented in an interior space out of the weather. Eventually there will be an exterior version that is supposed to be hung (or attached directly to the building facade) outside a business front with a standard metal “L” shaped bracket tagged back into the building facade. The exterior version will have rubber seals between the sign box face and the sign box with a clear plexiglass protective piece inside the sign face opening.

This sign was done for a group called Senex Studio (originally to be called Senex Brewing; artboard re-cut during the build process to reflect the new name) and is made out of 1/2″ sanded birch (for the box) and 3/4″ 1 x 6s mated together for the (artboard) piece inside the box. It is lit internally with a basic LED strip light. The box was made from two, 2′ x 4′, 1/2″ sheets with all pieces broken down and nested together.

About the artboard; it was a bit over-designed…detail was way too much for the types of bits that we had available. With the level of detail in the artwork, it required a lot of clean-up after the final cutting and in the end, required two separate passes to execute the final art.

Currently the sign is one-sided, but we fully intend on making a two-sided version.

The outside of the box was finished with stain (box front and box, color: Provincial) and has an enamel clear coat overall.

The box front piece had one painted color; bright yellow.

The artboard was stained with a white stain and painted with one color (in the big logo text).

This sign was built be to presented in an interior space.

Sign specs:

Sign is:

  • Comprised of two main pieces:
    • Sign box (front piece and box)
    • Artboard
  • Dimensions: 24″ x 15″
  • Weight: 8.2 lbs
  • 1/2″ sanded birch
  • 3/4″ pine (1x6s mated together)
  • Color:
    • Overall box: stained and clear coated
    • Box front: additional painted color – bright yellow
    • Artboard:
      • White stain overall (cut areas unstained)
      • Additional color – dark brown for “SENEX” text
      • Clear-coated
  • Placement: interior